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How to plant your seed paper

Here's a few steps to make your seed paper become a wild flower / herbs. 

Step 1

Choose the perfect spot full of lighting (inside or outside)

Step 2

Add soil to your pot

Step 3

Add water to it and mix it to get the soil moist

Step 4

Add your card or plantable item on top and pour more humid soil

Step 5

Enjoy your gift like our beautiful friend here

Step 6

Don't forget to take care of it by watering it at least once a week 


La papeterie, végane?
La papeterie, végane?

By Melanie Girard-Brisson on Sep 20, 2019

Nos amies les plantes grasses
Nos amies les plantes grasses

By Karianne Giard on Aug 12, 2019

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