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About us

Flowerink is a business built in Montreal that's creates greeting cards and other stationery goods that are environmentally friendly. How is that possible? The paper we use is mostly seed paper! The seeds are either wildflowers or herbs. We are always trying to make the best environmental choices. Everything is illustrated and printed in Montreal, Canada.


A creator and an ecologist since forever, Mélanie Girard-Brisson started Flowerink in 2017 to promote stationary items that are environmentally friendly. She always was a true lover of all stationery items, so she really wanted to create something she could share with the people that had the same passion. That’s the reason she decided to create greeting cards that were plantable and compostable. Further in the process, she decided to create other stationery items (banners, calendars, gift tags ). Herbs are even a new thing you can get by planting a card from Flowerink.

Isn’t that magic when art meets environment? Art is really important for us and we always try to offer product that resonate with that. Mélanie is an artist that mostly uses water-colour in her designs. 

OUR ADDED VALUEWe are really honoured and lucky to have Frédérike Lefebvre, a Montreal illustrator, to work with us. She creates illustrations as well for Flowerink and brings a very different style to our greeting cards selection.(@freddielefebvre)


  • Our envelops and our stickers are made from sugarcanes residues. The best way to make sure we are not using forest resources. 
  • Our cards are now NAKED, which means they are attached to the envelope with a simple card catch sticker. No. Plastic. Wrap. 
  • All of our other products are wrapped in plastic sleeves that are vegetable-based and certified compostable.
  • Our paper is 100% recycled post-consumer material. 
  • Our seeds are GMO free.