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Our motivation

Our motivation

The motivation that drives Flowerink is a direct representation of my values: the environnement and wellness.

I completed a master in environmental geography in 2011. At that time, I would never have thought that I would be managing my own business and creating illustrations for a living in 2019, but I absolutely love it! Why? Because letting my creativity go free is a kind of meditation that brings me lots of joy, but mostly, I think it was about time to bring something new in the stationery world (that I love!). 

Recently, we transited towards emails and technology to send our wishes. However, did you know that the use of Internet and the « cloud » is quite polluting? Our data, which seems stored in the wide open air, is actually stored in data centres which, according to experts, uses close to 30 billions of Watts in electricity all over the world. Sadly, most of these data centres are not powered by renewable energy sources… To give an exemple, sending one email produces the equivalent of 4g of CO2 and a email with attachments produces the equivalent of approximately 50g of CO2! This is not even considering the energy used to store those emails in our reception box. Isn’t it time to be aware of our technological impact? 

Paper is a renewable material. Used reasonably and recycled/composted at the end of their life cycle, it becomes a much more ecofriendly solution. Paper can be recycled 6 to 8 times. Afterwards, the fibres are to thin and small and can only be used to make toilet paper or tissues.  Each ton of recycled paper can save up to 17 trees, 43000 kW of energy and 7000 litres of water. This represents a total of 250 Kg of CO2 absorbed by those trees each year.

This is where seed paper comes into the game!  Our seed paper is made of 100% post-consumer material, which means it has been used and recycled at least once before becoming seed paper. That’s great! Yes, but…

At Flowerink, we believe it is possible to do more, and better, for our environment. By adding seeds, we are giving a new life to your stationery items. We have in mind the pollinators (which truly need us right now!) and to all the CO2 that can be produced by those plants can absorb over the summer. At last, we believe that the impact of a handwritten card embedded with seeds has a much more memorable impact for our little hearts <3





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