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Our flowers

Our flowers

I guess I am not teaching you anything new by saying that all of our items are made with seed paper? In fact, almost every product from Flowerink contains a mix of six wildflowers.

Bird's Eye (Annual)

The Bird's Eye might look like a daisy but it is actually a member of the Gilia family. The best conditions for this flower are a lot of sun and (if possible) a dry environment. The special colors of this flower are mostly attracting hummingbirds and a few other pollinators.

Clarkia (Annual)

The best thing about Clarkia (ignoring the fact that it's so beautiful), is that it is really easy to grow! You probably are going to see them at the end of the wildflower season. Another interesting fact: Clarkia can grow up to one meter tall!

Black Eyed Susan (Perennial)

This beautiful and bright flower is one of the most known wildflower. The best areas for this type of flower are lands and pastures where they are going to attract a few friends such as butterflies, bees and birds. Black Eyed Susan is part of the Golden Sunflower family. 

Sweet Alyssum (Annual)

This flower is low-growing (approximately 20-30 cm per year). It has small bunches of flowers grouped together. The flowers are quite small and they smell like honey (YUM!) They grow all year long in zones that don't have any frost (Sorry for Canadian people). Otherwise, they will grow in spring and summer. 

Catchfly (Annual)

This flower produces a lot of clusters of big flowers from a long stem. Catchfly likes sun or even partial shade. Another great news; they can grow from poor soil and can deal with a really high temperature. 

Snapdragon (Annual)

Really, really easy to grow! Snapdragons are fast growing and they are really appreciated for their unique look. They usually bloom in colours such as yellow, purple and pink. If you flower has more than one colour, it is more likely to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Amazing, right? 

Now, that you know a little more about our wildflowers, you probably have a really important question... what is the difference between a wildflower and a regular flower? A wildflower is a flower that doesn't need human help to grow. Hence, a flower needs human help to grow. That's the main difference! And what about weeds? They also don't need human help to grow but they are often invasive. Weeds have a really bad reputation but as we say: '' The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder''. 

Why are wildflowers so important? 

Once again, I guess I am no teaching you anything new by telling you that our pollinators are having a hard time these days. Having more flowers helps our pollinators to live a happier life and also helps our agriculture. Also, having more flowers helps having a cleaner air by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving us oxygen. Having flowers is also a really helpful way to help our grounds to stay rich and prevent erosion and, of course, flood.  

So, wildflowers are important for all of us. And, I can't not mention that they are really good for your mood. Have you ever felt sad while looking at a beautiful wildflower? I'm pretty sure it's impossible.


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