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*Freebies* 2024 calendars

*Freebies* 2024 calendars

Just a couple of months before the New Year... Leaves are falling and we are getting ready for a new cycle. Hence, it is a good time to download our 2024 calendars! Discover our 2 options and choose the one that will decorate your space. 

How? Download the calendar of your choice and print it on 8 ½" x 11" paper. Voilà!

Craving for something more? Get one of our plantable calendars. Each page can be planted and will give you beautiful wildflowers. 


Wild Flowers Calendar

For 2024, make it simple and let yourself be amazed by the nature that surrounds you. From small flowers growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, to the sun that shines through your window, to the smell of the rain and the crackling noise when you walk on fallen leaves.

This calendar was elaborated at the beginning of Flowerink. You will find 6 wildflowers illustrated in rotation. Those are the 6 wildflowers embedded in each sheet of this calendar and that you will see blooming if you choose to plant this paper.

We hope that you will take pleasure in living, one day at a time, with this delicate and flowery calendar.

Download the 2024 Wildflowers Calendar (in French)

TDownload the 2024 Wildflowers Calendar (in English)

(for personal use only)


 Quebec Fauna Calendar (by Frederike Lefebvre)

For 2024, we wish that you find time to relax, to come back to your roots and to enjoy nature. Our little corner of the world has so many wonders to offer!

Thus, we have created, in collaboration with Frédérike Lefebvre, a calendar  that reminds us of those small wonders. Each month, you will encounter a new animal from the Quebec forests (or from the urban jungle), with the exception of a cute couple of sheep for which we couldn’t resist ;)

We hope our illustrations will calm you throughout the year et that they will make you dream through your daily routine. Maybe they will even guide you towards a journey in nature, who knows?  

Download the 2024 Quebec Fauna Calendar (in French)

Download the 2024 Quebec Fauna Calendar (in English)

(for personal use only)



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