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Flowerink's Box | Monthly Subscription


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Forgot a friend's birthday? Or Valentine's Day? Is it Mother's Day already? Never miss a greeting card opportunity with this monthly subscription!  

What's in the monthly box?
  • Three (3) plantable greeting cards embedded with wild flower and/or with herb seeds. The selection will be chosen by our team and will vary according to the seasons, the celebrations and the new collections!
  • Three (3) sugarcane residue envelopes.
  • A descriptive card about our monthly choices.


Delivery details:

  • The box will be shipped in the first week of every month (must be purchased before the 25th of the previous month).
  • Standard shipping fees are included so you don't have to do anything monthly to receive the box. 

Other details

  • Planting instruction at the back of every card.
  • All cards are blank inside.



  • English of French.
  • With or without postage.


Prices and savings:

  • 1 month - 22,44$/month (15% off regular prices)
  • 3 months - 21,12$/month (20% off regular prices
  • 6 months - 19,80$/month (25% off regular prices)
  • 12 months - 18,48$/month (30% off regular prices)