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Frequently asked questions

What is seed paper?

Plantable paper is a special paper embedded with wildflowers or herbs seeds. When the paper is planted, a wildflower or an herb will grow from the paper. 

Can I get a custom project such as business cards or promotional items?

Of course! To discuss your special project you can always send us an email right in the Get In Touch section on your left.

What are the wild flowers in the seed paper?

Every greeting card and stationery items that are made from flower seed paper are a mix of six wild flowers (Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon).

Some are annual and some are perennial. 

How do I plant my seed paper?

Plant this card in 1/8 in of soil, keep the soil moist and watch your beautiful wildflowers bloom.

For more info, we created a step by step timeline on our home page. It's clear and super easy, you'll see.

We always make sure that the seeds are top quality. If any problem occurred with your seeds, contact us. We will give you extra tips to make sure everything grows the way it should. 

What inks do you use?

The ink we use is vegan. For quality reasons, we chose to use an ink that is not 100% plant based ( for now!). The amount of ink is very low, so totally safe for plantation and has a really low impact on environment

Is there a expiration date?

For a good seed quality, we recommend to wait no longer than a year and a half after the purchase to plant the seeds. 

How is my package shipped?

We ship with Canada Post.

With bicycles if you are in the Montréal area and if the order is 40$ or more.

Every order is shipped in maximum 2 open days after the order is made.

For custom orders, the shipping should take approximately 2 weeks. 

Where is the seed paper made?

Paper and enveloppes are made in Canada! Packaging elements are made in the United States and the conception / illustration are made in Montreal. 

We want quality first! Proximity is also really important for us and for the environment. 

Is the seed paper made from recycled paper?

Yes, always made from 100% recycled post-consumer material. 

Where can I buy your cards and stationary items?

The list of all the stockists is right here. Too far from home? You can always order online. 

What are the shipping areas?

We ship everywhere in Canada, United States and in Europe. We only ship in these areas because our seed paper is made for the climate of these areas. 



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