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AMOTS | 30 positive and poetic affirmation cards


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Feeling like you need a little bit of kindness in your day? Our AMOTS are here to brighten up your day for a WHOLE month (and more!) and to give you the amount of self-love you need and deserve. Perfect as a gift for yourself or for someone you adore.  AMOTS is the combination of the words «amour» and «mots» (love and words, in French).

AMOTS are positive and poetic cards composed and beautifully written by L'Épistolière and printed on seed paper embedded with wildflower seeds by Flowerink.

Our AMOTS are offered in a cute basket that can serve as a flowerpot for your beautiful wildflowers. A lovely way to make the fun blossom and to keep some positive thinking around.

Additional details: 
  • Includes 30 small messages printed on paper embedded with wildflower seeds (Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly and Snapdragon) 
  • Includes a small velvet basket from À la Maison & co (5 x 4 in handmade in Quebec)
  • Includes an informative card with all the details 
  • Messages are composed and calligraphed by L'Épistolière and printed by Flowerink