They are talking about us! Take a look at what they are saying and discover these beautiful brands, businesses and blogs.  

With All my Affection (July, 2016)
With all my Affection is a Montreal base blog that explores lifestyle! 
Médiaterre (October, 2016)
Médiaterre is an information system for sustainable development.
Hygge ta vie (May, 2017)
Hygge ta vie is a blog about everyday wellness and about taking care of ourselves. 

TPLMoms (June, 2018)
TPL Moms is a blog with multiple collaborators that writes about multiple topics such as food, family, getaway, tip and more. 
Botanical Paper Works (November, 2018)
Botanical Paper Works is a seed paper producer from Manitoba. They are working with businesses as well as individuals to promote this zero waste alternative.
Baron Mag (April, 2020)
Baron Mag is a magazine that writes about culture, design and entrepreneurship. 


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