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Our Sustainability Commitment

We believe that we can make better choices as consumers. Our seedpaper cards and ecofriendly stationery items are only a small part of our actions towards sustainability. We are committed to find the best stationery options and to work hard to reduce our footprint so that you can join the sustainability train with fun, easiness and peace of mind.


Our materials


Everything we use in our production and printing process, we have chosen responsibly. To us, this means choosing the most ecofriendly material available and purchasing only what we need. It also means reducing our use of what is not necessary. As such, you will find that our greeting cards are naked and only tied to their envelopes with a small card catch sticker.

Inspired by circular economy 

One of the reason we choose to work with seedpaper is for the circularity of the product in nature. It all starts with trees, from which the paper is made, recycled and made again. To that, wildflowers or herbs seeds are included so that the paper can be planted at the end of its life and hence, give back to nature. 

Recycled and low-waste

The paper that we chose to work with most is embedded with seeds. But it also has a 100% post-consumer recycled content - so it is made with paper that was used by real persons and then thrown in the recycling bin (thanks to all the recyclers out there). This is the paper that we use for our greeting cards.

In our products, you will also find another kind of paper that is not embedded with seeds. We call this paper sugar sheet because it is made from sugarcane residue leftover from sugarcane harvest. You guessed it, it's a tree-free paper that also helps reduce waste! This is the paper that we used for envelopes, notepads and planners.


Our production

Canadian made

All the paper that we use - seedpaper and sugar sheet - is made here in Canada. We design our own illustrations and print in Montreal, QC. We understand that sourcing products abroad creates a big environmental impact due to carbon emissions during transport, so we source as much as we can from local Canadian businesses, that also have environmental and sustainable values. We believe that it is worth paying a little more to have a product that answers our sustainable goals.

Reuse and recycle

In our workshop, we reuse, recycle and compost. We even try to reuse our seedpaper waste by offering all the products that were printed with tiny imperfections at a very friendly price. All the other paper waste is turned into plantable box filler for other businesses and custom orders. Of course, there is still some challenges to become absolutely zero waste (like sticker liners and sometimes overpackaging from things we order), but we continue to work hard towards that goal.

Did you know? We reuse all the packaging that we get from what we order in your packages. So if you see plastic packaging in your boxes, know that we did not purchase this and we are only trying to reuse it as much as possible before it goes to waste (or hopefully recycling).

Small scale

Although we like to be ready ahead of time, we believe that it's better to take more time and avoid producing things that will be left unsold. In other words, it means we tend to print on demand only so that we are rarely left with unsold overstock. 


Our impact


Over the years, we have made donations to various environmental and health organizations, such as the CHUM Foundation, J'aime Ma Ville, GHAIST, Oceana Canada, Fondation Jeunes en Tête, Raven, Seeds for Diversity, 4Ocean...

In 2022, we have donated 1% of our sales to ENvironnement JEUnesse. As a business, we believe it is important to participate in our community. Founded in 1979, ENvironnement JEUnesse (ENJEU) is an organization dedicated to educating youth on environmental issues, to provide training through educational projects and to encourage them to take action in their community.

    Volunteer work

    As a team, we love taking time from work to do volunteer work. During our #PlasticFreeJuly campaign, we often do a little clean-up of the shore by our office. Have an idea of something else we can volunteer for that answers our environmental values? Let us know. 

    Carbon neutral

    We do our best, but you should also have a choice. This is why you can choose to make your order carbon neutral at checkout. By adding a couple dollars to your order, you ensure that a compensation is made for the production and transport of your goodies.